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  • Launched by China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd. (FOTIC) in 2011, Wuxing Wealth is a wealth management brand that focuses on providing asset allocation and value-added services for customers of high net value, and by doing so, the company took the lead in initiating the practice of wealth management by a trust company.

    The name and concept of “Wuxing Wealth” is inspired from “Wuxing Theory”, which is an ancient Chinese materialism philosophy originating from Chinese ancestors.

    According to the Wuxing Theory, the five most basic substances (gold, wood, water, fire and earth) and their interaction constitute all development and change in the universe. By means of analogy, it considers that all things in the world could be classified into the aforementioned five substances according to their special characteristics. The theory attributes expansion and contraction of these Wuxing with motion, change and interactive relationship among all entities. Therefore, the theory can not only view peculiar developments in the world from a macroscopic perspective of dynamic balance, but also treat the characteristics of things from a microscopic perspective of substantial attributes.

    “Everything follows this law and all the laws are from the same basics.” FOTIC’s Wuxing Wealth brand is a combination of wealth management and the Wuxing Theory. It stresses “wealth management with precise orientation and functional stratification to enrich customers’ life through an effectively coordinated and balanced wealth structure”. FOTIC adheres to the “Wuxing Allocation” concept and endows products with corresponding attributes of wuxing according to their core characteristics. It has constructed a diversified product system with precise orientation of products. Meanwhile, in the principle of “keeping steady and striving for long-lasting development”, FOTIC pursues a balance between risk and its returns and provides investment products with controllable risks and steady income. In terms of value-added services, FOTIC Wuxing Wealth follows the Wuxing Theory to actualize dynamic connections and pursues harmony between wealth increment and a wealthy life. It provides careful and considerate services for customers in the areas of children’s education, healthcare, high-end sports, investment, artwork collection and others. Since its launch in 2011, the Wuxing Wealth has formed a systemized branding architecture in which the “Wuxing Allocation Strategy” product series, the “Wuxing Huize” family trust services and the “Wuxing Value-Added Services” serve as the principal part.

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