1. When was FOTIC founded?
As approved by the People's Bank of China, FOTIC was founded in Beijing on September 30, 1987, and officially opened for business on December 18 of the same year.

2. What is the office address of FOTIC?
Floor 1 and Floor 6,Central Tower, Chemsunny World Trade Center, No. 28 Fuxingmenneidajie Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China;
Postal code: 100031;
Tel: 8610 – 59568808;
Fax: 8610 – 59568906.

3. Who are the shareholders of FOTIC?
FOTIC is an affiliate of Sinochem Group engaged in trust-related business and its shareholders are Sinochem Corporation and Sinochem Finance Co., Ltd., respectively.

4. What is the business concept of FOTIC?
FOTIC has inherited the remarkable corporate culture and core concept of “ways of being a person and doing things” of Sinochem Group, and gradually formed its own core value of “looking for breakthroughs based on steady and robust operations, attracting clients with honesty and retaining talents with respect” during its long-term practice in the trust industry. This core value is the extension of FOTIC’s mission, but also gives significant support to FOTIC’s vision of becoming “a prestigious brand name in the domestic wealth management market, and a century-old enterprise in the international financial market”.

5. How many business divisions does FOTIC have?
Please refer to " Organization Structure" under "About Us-Company Profile ".

6. How to make business contacts with FOTIC?
Please click "Business Overview" under "About Us",and find the methods to contact relevant enterprises of specific business segments, and contact them directly.

7. How to purchase the wealth management products of FOTIC?
Please call our wealth hotline 400-898-8806 to communicate in detail with our wealth advisors.