China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1987, China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd. (FOTIC) is one of the earliest trust companies established in China. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinochem Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, as well as one of the vice president units of the China Trustee Association.

With the aim of "Better finance,better society", the service concept of "Prospects from promises", and the core values of “Steady development with innovation, and a sincere respect for customers and talented employees”, FOTIC persists in creating customer-oriented products and improve its organization to become a modern financial company that leads innovation, serves real economy and put people first.

We have primarily focused on four business sectors: micro finance, industrial finance, capital market and wealth management. Our company holds qualifications such as national interbank bond trading, assets securitization-specific trust institutions, qualified investor in the block trading system, interbank lending, equity investment with inherent assets, stock index futures trading, entrusted overseas financial management services (QDII), private equity fund manager and observer member of the Asset Management Association of China.

By late 2017, we had registered a total assets management scale of 500.6 billion yuan, net assets of 8.953 billion yuan, business revenues of 2.584 billion yuan and a total profit of 2.119 billion yuan. We hold equity in Lion Fund, Baoying Fund and Guantong Futures. Headquartered in Beijing, we have established regional headquarters in East China, South China, southwestern China and northwestern China, extending our business operations across the country.

In the past three decades, we have maintained our leading position in brand influence and comprehensive business strength in the industry. Because of our outstanding performance in the financial market, we have won the "Sincere Trust Award a total of 11 consecutive times. Besides this, we have won a number of other top awards, including "China's Most Innovative Trust Company", "China's Best Risk Management Trust Company", "Taurus Sunshine Private Trust Company", "Best Wealth Management Brand", "Outstanding Interbank Market Issuer", "Yindeng Center Outstanding Service Award", "Jinzhen Award for Outstanding Family Trust Service", "Outstanding Financial Brand Communication Award of the Year", "National Youth Civilization Model" and "Chinese Model for Corporate Culture Construction".