Micro Finance

– Sharing and Green Micro Finance Ecosphere Builder

FOTIC provides a micro-finance terminal service provider with full-process services such as financing and operation, as well as having integrated resources with its platform as a carrier and achieved mutual growth together with its customers.

Development in the Last Ten Years, Development of a New Chapter:

FOTIC is a pioneer and leader in the trust industry, counting among the first to operate in the micro finance business in China. FOTIC also provided the first individual consumption credit product in the domestic trust market and provides prerequisites for consumer finance trusts. FOTIC has accumulatively provided RMB 100 billion yuan of loans to the thousands of people.

Sustainable Innovation and Considerate Right Down to the Most Trivial Detail:

FOTIC has created such varied product systems as credit, mortgage, internet + scenario to form a diversified product layout.

Platform + Data, Efficient Operation:

FOTIC boasts an advanced operation system, a flawless risk control concept, and enormous data accumulation.

Pre-loan: FOTIC has built an external data service platform based on consumer credit investigation and the blacklist database of the People's Bank of China.

Mid-loan: FOTIC has built an information system platform, connecting its payment platform and several third parties’ payment companies, and has achieved 24/7 independent borrowing and loaning, independent accounting for payments, measurement and calculation for financial data.

Post-loan: FOTIC has strengthened investigation of authenticity of underlying assets, and achieved full coverage of on-site inspection for active management project.

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