Ecological Finance

—Structured Financing Ecosystem of Medium-sized, Small and Micro Enterprises

FOTIC has carried out diversified and innovative finance services on the basis of the upstream and downstream financing requirements of small and micro enterprises in terms of production operation and selling circulation to create a new financing mode for small and micro enterprises.

Flawless and Stable Integration Services:

With mortgage-backed business loans and supply chain finance as the entry point, FOTIC provides full-chain services including capital, product and operation management.

Professional, Flexible and Leading in the Trust Industry:

after more than ten years of experience in the financial market, FOTIC has accurately grasped the demands of the capital end, and the scale of its issuance of inter-bank asset securitization business is at the forefront of the trust industry.

Financial Technology, Safe and Efficient:

Through supply chain finance related information technologies such as block chain, FOTIC has achieved broad coverage in customer development, risk management, product design, and operation management. We aim to promote the supply chain financial innovation business, which can realize risk management and control of end customers.

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