Securities Trust

—Industry-Leading Private Equity Integrated Service Provider

FOTIC offers structurally diversified and comprehensive service systems including trustee services, private equity operation services, big data services and large asset allocation services.

Professionally Focused and Domestically Leading:

FOTIC is one of the earliest trust companies to have engaged in the professional securities trust business in China, and FOTIC is committed to engaging in trust, fundraising, transaction and liquidation in the asset management industry, becoming a leading comprehensive service provider in the domestic private equity industry. The company’s corporate customers represent a wide spread of the major asset management institutions in China.

Large Scale and Deep Accumulation:

FOTIC has designed and developed over 3,000 securities trust products with an accumulated management scale of over one trillion and over on-going 2,000 securities trust products.

Active Management, CommonGrowth:

FOTIC has respectively established three kinds of assets allocation system covering fixed income, equity and hedging. FOF product scale for active management has exceeded 2 billion yuan, ranking at the forefront of the industry.

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