Capital Market

——Diversified Portfolio Investment Across Field, Market and Region

Based on research and development capabilities in domestic and overseas investment as well as targeted at customers in specific market segments of “quality asset management”, FOTIC has built up a multi-tool, multi-category and multi-layer assets management system.

Equity Investment with Outstanding Performance:

Upholding the “growth value” investment theory, we have carried out private placements, bulk transactions, secondary markets and other kinds of investment business for domestic listed companies to obtain investment income.

Overseas Investments with Allocation of Global Assets:

The rich investment categories will help investors get access to overseas investment and allocate global high quality assets. In 2015, FOTIC successfully issued the fixed income QDII trust product “First Phase of Global Asset Allocation” in the first net-value type of active management in the trust industry. In 2016, the issuance scale for “Third Phase of Global Asset Allocation” was up to 282,000,000 Yuan and the QDII business had been developed further.

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