Industrial Finance

——Promote industrial upgrading and help the real economy

FOTIC focuses on real estate finance, green finance, emerging industries and promoting the establishment of a real modern economy system, help people achieve a better life.

Real Estate Finance, Efficiency and Professionalism:

As one of China’ s earliest trust firms in the real estate trust business, FOTIC has spent more than 10 years exploring a specialized path. FOTIC is advancing and upgrading with the times, and expanding our cooperation models by practicing innovation and keeping on forging ahead.

Green Finance, Concerted Efforts:

FOTIC practices the green development concept and integrates various financial instruments in the fields of environmental protection, new energy application and recycling economy, thus creating mountains of green wealth.

Emerging Industry, Innovation Guidance:

In order to seize the opportunities of a new round of scientific and industrial revolutions across the world, FOTIC is committed to developing national strategic emerging industries, serving “nationally major health strategy”, building a new system for modern industries, and promoting economic and social development.

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