Wealth Management

—With a warm attitude, a professional wealth housekeeper by your side

FOTIC has built a “one-stop” wealth allocation service platform and created a professional, standardized and exclusive wealth management team to safeguard and care for customers’ wealth.

Brand Concept with Ingenuity:

In 2011, FOTIC introduced its wealth management brand “Five-element Wealth” and committed to the concept of “wealth management with precise positioning and specialized segmentation as well as wealth investment with system balance and coordination steadiness”, and provided a prerequisite for wealth management in the trust company.

Rich and Diversified Product System:

FOTIC has accurately kept track of investor’s risk preferences and personalized wealth management demands, provided customers with investment products with controllable risks, steady incomes and flexible durations, and built its “Five-element Configuration Strategy” Product Portfolio containing multiple markets, product categories and regions.

Value-added Services, Careful Consideration and High Quality:

FOTIC has created special value-added service systems including wealth forums, private client activities, customer rights, five-element products and information services, and provided dedicated, customized and high quality services.

Family Trust, Industry Leader:

FOTIC is the issuer of the first private family trust products in China. For customer’s individual demands, FOTIC has built a domestic one-stop service platform and exclusively customized differential services, providing comprehensively professional services including architecture design, trust management and asset allocation to fully meet customer’s comprehensive demands on the isolation of risk, wealth distribution and steady appreciation of assets, and achieving business scale replication.

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