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  • FOTIC’s Assembled Funds Trust Plan for Global Asset Allocation

    Managed by FOTIC, the QDII series assembled funds trust products promise stable income with flexible strategies. The series was created for investors by the company, together with investment consultants like Taikang Asset Management, GF Fund Management and others. To date, the first, third and forth issuances of the series have been launched, creating an excellent performance record.

  • FOTIC’s Fuxiang No. 29 Beijing Merchant Bureau Building Project

    FOTIC launched this private equity real estate fund by innovating in the type of real estate trust. Relying on the high-quality subject matter, it gathers assets by purchasing foreign equities, and thereby helps investors in carrying out asset allocation and obtaining high returns with a stable income.

  • FOTIC Qianyuan TOT Assembled Funds Trust Plan

    Established in 2015, this product gathers private hedging products that feature relatively high income and low investment risk. It has realized mutual complementation and stable operation of various hedging strategies, thereby reaping substantial benefits, market recognition and special honors.

  • FOTIC’s Jinghua No. 5 Assembled Funds Trust Plan

    Launched in 2014, “Jinghua No. 5” is the first personal housing mortgage loan trust product in the market. Characterized by high-quality assets and good security, this product issues single mortgage loans of around RMB 500,000 to individuals with housing.

  • FOTIC’s Huijin No. 3 Assembled Funds Trust Plan for Consumption Credit

    “Huijin No. 3” grants a single credit loan ranging between RMB 10,000 and RMB 200,000 to low-income borrowers. It is the first small-amount loan product for individual consumption credit in the market. It has been operated for a long time in a healthy and stable way.

  • FOTIC’s Huijin No. 18 Assembled Funds Trust Plan for Personal Loan

    Managed by FOTIC, this consumption loan product promises sufficient security and long-term income. For the product, cooperative institutions provide professionalized and overall pre-loan, in-loan and post-loan services.

  • FOTIC’s Furong Series Assembled Funds Trust Plan

    Created by FOTIC targeting at housing loans, this series of trust plans focuses on domestic customers. In cooperation with excellent developers inside the industry, it selects real estate projects with good qualification, sufficient mortgage and sufficient source of fund for repayment as investment direction of trust funds. It takes strict regulatory measures and aims to provide sustained and stable benefits for investors.

  • FOTIC‘s Assembled Funds Trust Plan for Pengcheng Urban Upgrade Investment Fund Series

    Focused on real estate, this product aims at investment opportunities brought about by real estate inventory market for a city’s reconstruction or upgrade. It features an innovative service mode with strong asset management capabilities and promises differentiation with steady income for investors.

  • FOTIC’s Single Funds Trust of Wuxing Huixin Wealth Management Series

    Launched by FOTIC in 2014 for gathering “faith and trust”, this product is a personalized single trust product. Per customers’ entrustment, the investment team allocates assets to various investment areas, such as trust, funds, PE, bank financing products, alternative investments, etc., and flexibly adjusts the proportion of each category in line with market changes, thereby ensuring that investors realize a steady value increment in their wealth.

  • FOTIC’s Assembled Funds Trust Plan of Wuxing Huicheng Asset Allocation

    Development and launched by FOTIC in 2016, this TOT trust product realizes professional management in applying capital portfolios to high-quality star products issued by FOTIC. Wuxing Huicheng is characterized by flexible period, efficient liquidation, and steady and considerable investment yield.

  • FOTIC’s Assembled Funds Trust Plan of Wuxing Huizhi

    Wuxing Huizhi is a cash management trust plan created by FOTIC in 2013. By applying capital portfolios to fixed income instruments, monetary market instruments, equity instruments and other financial products, this trust plan, coupled with the company’s own reasonable allocation, simultaneously focuses on fluidity and income requirements.
    This trust plan usually has a period of 2 weeks to 6 months. However, if certain conditions are satisfied, the company can adjust the period according to customers’ demands. In this way, customers’ funds are sorted in a flexible manner.

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