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  • Along with a rapid growth of national income and quick accumulation of social wealth, the demand for wealth management has become increasingly individualized, while asset allocation has become increasingly diversified.

    FOTIC Wealth Management Center was established on February 28, 2011. the company took the lead in initiating the practice of wealth management by a trust company by launching its “Wuxing Wealth” brand aimed at providing asset allocation and value-added services for customers of high net worth. In the same year, Beijing Headquarters Wealth Management Center set sail formally. In 2012 and 2013, regional headquarters wealth lines were established successively in Taiyuan, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai.

    Wealth Management Center aims at centering on customers’ demands while enhancing asset management ability. Beijing Headquarters has set up seven departments, namely Private Wealth Department, Institutional Wealth Department, Central Management Department, Brand Marketing Department, Family Wealth Department, Investment Management Department and Operation Management Department, thereby forming an integrated system covering front-, middle- and back-office operations. It has also built a one-stop wealth allocation service platform that is operated by a professional, standardized and exclusive wealth management team escorting customers’ wealth.

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